Here is a death metal song i plan to record in the next few days when i finally get a decent drum program that does over 200bpm anyhoo, it has vocals which so far are over the main riff and part 2 before the solo. ill maybe put something over riff2 also. and maybe the riff after the solo. basically tell me what you think.

i know it might not sound much in guitar pro but it is alot fuller and more substantial sounding on guitar. youll see on the recording so basically is there any small changes i should make or tell me if you think its good or guff

This was mainly a decapitated influenced song with a little nile

Edit: listen to it with RSE off as it is a bit **** sounding with it on and it lags a little.
Humanitys Failure.zip
I thought I already critted this song. ?????. O well, I'll crit it again. This song is pretty tight, especially the solo, but the main riff...I just can't get into it. It's all tight, its just the first measure that the guitar is playing, that part, everywhere it shows up, that and the bar after it, it makes me cringe. Just something about it, something about the notes u used that just sounds...wrong. It just sounds off. Other than that, it's pretty tight and I'm sure it will be bad ass in real life.

Could you crit one of mine? Preferably Joe
yeah you did but i had deleted the thread and i made changes to the drums and added bass and changed some riffs about so i thought id repost cos i only got like 2 crits last time

anyhoo yeah the main riff sounds weird in this because the rhythm isnt exactly right
but thanks anyways