I have narrowed it down to two amps. The Roland 20X or the Vox AD15VT. I can't decide o the two, I realize its up to me but any opinion would be appreciated. Play classic rock, blues, hendrix, gilmour etc.... No death metal.
Vox ftw.
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yeah, do the vox thang my friend, but save up a lil' more and grab the 30 since it has the ability to turn down its wattage, which i think is not availiable for the 15 watt. so you have an attenuator basically built in with your amp.
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head full of ideas.
Go with the vox, for classic rock especially.
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Vox. Roland is modelling, and so is the Vox, but Vox has lots of flexibility, effects, parameter editing options, it just rox. The roland is nice, but the Vox has more clean and mid-gain models, while the Roland has several different distortion models. Vox is awesome, but do get the 30w.
I was wondering which is better for metal, the cube or a vox xl?
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For $10 more than the Vox you can get a Crate Palamino 5 watt tube combo. Much better than either the Cube or the Vox for blues and classic rock. Won't do metal without a pedal. I prefer the Cube to the Vox. For solid state a Peavey Transtube series is much better for both genres. The closest sounding to tube of all solid state amps.
I like cubes but anything but the mini and the 30x-60x i've heard isnt that great.

So go with the vox.
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^I want a Jet King. Really neat retro-looking. Oh, but anyway I really liked the MicroCube. I wouldn't want it for my main amp but it sounded surprisingly good for such a tiny amp. Cool to take outside.
Vox, since you play no metal at all or if you do very little. She will do great with playing the music that you like.