Here's a fun little thing to do with your browser, it lets you temporarily edit the website and change/edit anything you like.

Please note that it is temporary and none of the changes get saved, it's just fun to muck around with

Type the following code (Or copy and paste if you're lazy) into your search bar when on a website and there you go.

javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true';document.designMode='on';void 0

It should work in all browsers, and all websites but I'm not too sure, I'm using Internet Explorer 7 at the moment. Have fun

EDIT: If you want it to return to normal, just hit 'Refresh'. Links will also not work while in this edit mode either.
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..Didn't work for me in IE 6 or Firefox.

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yeah i like saving web pages then editing them to say like "boobies" then showing my friends who are stupid and theyre like z0mg h4x!!1
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There are spaces in the word 'document', if you get rid of them it should work...

EDIT: It works even better in Firefox, I just checked.
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