i bought a strat a couple days ago, and it felt great. but i just replaced the strings, and now the action is like a quarter of an inch higher off the fret board, and the strings feel tight as hell (like i cant bend at all, and if i try to, the strings will pop). how do i fix this?
Did you restring it right, by leaving enough slack?
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i have a strat too but mine r fine i used ernie ball super slinky strings. im sorry but i have no idea how to fix that except raise the bridge which would be kinda hard to do on a strat
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Did you restring it right, by leaving enough slack?

ive never had a problem restringing my guitars...
Get a lighter gauge if u have like .11's or so tuned to standard. or get different strings.
It sounds like your trem/bridge may have shifted. If you could post a pic someone might be better able to help. Not trying to be a wise-guy but are you sure they are tuned to the correct pitch? Reason I am asking such a stupid question is that I have overtuned guitars on purpose and gotten a similar problem. Other wise the neck shouldn't have warped that much unless you went from an extremely light guage to extremely heavy.