So my under $300 acoustic show down is at the final round. I've narrowed it down to the Takamine GS330S and Yamaha FG730. I'll break it down for you guys.

+Good sound
+Good construction it seems
+Good playability
-Looks/feels kind of cheap
+The shop I'd buy it from will service it for free forever, and within one year I can get the full price toward a new guitar.

+Good sound
+Good construction it seems
+Good playability
+Looks and feels expensive :>
-Would just buy off the internet possibly

I really like being able to get it serviced by that guy for free and the one year deal. But I like the Yamaha more because of the looks and playability. I'd have to pay to get it fixed up if it came

I'm torn and don't know what to do.

tl;dr- If i get the Takamine, which I don't like QUITE as much, I can get free servicing and a sweet trade in deal. I like the Yamaha a bit more but would order off the internet and it might come messed up, have to pay for servicing. I'm stuck.
tbh if it comes messed up, phone them and say, you've sent me a crap guitar, I ordered this set up.

I would. Yamaha give set-up specifications so if the shop makes a mess of it say you want them to do a proper job and send it again.
I deliberated for some time over acoustics in this price range. I bought the Yamaha. In fact, I bought it blind, after playing an FG700. My local shop ordered one straight from the Yamaha factory for me and it came perfectly set up and painstakingly well finished.

Mine is going back into the shop soon when I've decided on a pickup to fit to it, and I'll probably take advantage of that to get a little fine tuning done on it, but it's only minor and as it's been gigged fairly heavily and played basically non stop since January, it's doing fine. I'm only adjusting it due to my personal tastes changing. The guitar is as solid as ever.

You seriously should not have any problems whatsoever with a Yamaha FG. If you do, I'll be shocked.
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I have the FG730s and its very very good. Volume is very nice, excellent finish. I'd reccommend it to anyone. People seem to hate Yamaha simply because its got "Yamaha" written on the headstock. Go for the Yamaha man!
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I've played Yamaha guitars that were pretty nice, and an electric SG 2000 that I loved, but I'd go for the Takamine.

I have a EGS330SC, more expensive guitar, but I love it. Closest Takamine I've found is about $750 or so, I got mine used for just under $350. The only guitars I found at the time that were close were an Ovation that I missed and a Guild that was gone too when I went back to make a down payment a week later. (Both pawn shop finds.) I think my Takamine sounds better than both of them so I did good...but the Ovation did play better I think.
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Quote by mat2317
I have the FG730s and its very very good. Volume is very nice, excellent finish. I'd reccommend it to anyone. People seem to hate Yamaha simply because its got "Yamaha" written on the headstock. Go for the Yamaha man!

I have a FG735s (very similar to the 730s) and a FG750 and haven't found anyone that hates Yamahas. Seems everyone knew someone that had a decent Yamaha guitar that was dependable and sounded good. I'm not saying it's the best thing in the world, but for $200-$300, the FG's sound a heck of a lot better than many of the other guitars in that price range.

I'll admit I'm not enlightened as to every brand, and as a beginner I certainly won't profess to knowing everything there is to know about guitars, but I can tell the difference between the thinness of some of the Ibanez I played and the Yamahas.

I like mine (enough to recommend it) but will be putting it up against two others and will post the results soon.
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Free servicing should NOT be a selling point b/c a quality guitar shouldn't require very much servicing.
This. If you like the FG730S more, buy it.
I ended up buying the Yamaha FG730s with the hardshell case and a Dunlop strap for $350. I ordered Lear and Master guitar as well...I'm on my way.
You'll definetley won't be disappointed with the Yamaha.......good purchase....congrats.
The Takamine and if you don't like it you can get a new one for free right?
well... just do that and if you aren't pleased with it then change it for a (slightly more expensive) new one