What guitar does Christopher Bradley from Beneath The Massacre use? I thought it was a seven string and in the "Society's Disposable Son" video it looks like an ESP, but I couldn't find it on their website... I'm just wondering for when I purchase my next guitar.
go to their myspace, i think there is good pics there
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search his name on wikipedia it should show his gear
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go to their myspace, i think there is good pics there

Yeah it's definetley an Ltd, I guess it's a custom one. Btw, anyone who hasn't seen Beneath The Massacre live is missing out.
I liked beneath the massacre until I heard breakdowns. gag.
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Haha, this is great. He had $1000, and got a spider. That salesman deserves a god damn medal.

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I remember putting together a show with them and Ion Dissonance playing. Can't say I got much of a chance to pay attention because I was working doors and trying to deal with some douche who got his things stolen, but from what I saw I'd guess LTD.. can't be any more specific
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dang their guitarist isn't on wiki..lol
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