Is there any company that makes custom guitars from start to finish, that also does custom body graphics?
no big name ones off the top of my head, unless you wanted to try getting hold of gibson custom shop.

i know that a local shop of mine, kelleys, does custom guitar and graphics, try searching around in your area.
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unfortuneately no one does it in my area or near me. Would Warmoth be able to do it?

they accept custom paintjobs as in colors and bursts ( i think), but itll be over priced... and i dont think they do graphics
doesn't schecter do custom worK
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I know First Act's custom shop does it, and they put out some GREAT stuff from their custom shop.
I think as long as your willing to pay big money any of the big guitar companies will be happy to build you the guitar of your dreams.

I like Ed Roman's designs and I am trying to save some dough to have him build me a custom guitar.

I am working on my own guitar project now. I am waiting on parts and a neck I can use so I can get it done. I actually laminated my guitar project with a rusty metal look formica for a very different look. I will post a pic when i get it all together. Not sure how it will sound it started as a Kramer Randy Rhoades type guitar body that was modified that I modified even more. This is my first attempt at any type of builing a guitar and if it work out i will buy a body blank and start the next from scratch.

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Did you build that out of a table or something?
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Close, the laminate is formica you can use for counter tops and such it was left over from a job I did. I was going to do it in some exotic wood laminate but I wanted something totally different. I found some brushed aluminum laminate I might use for another project. The funny thing is I have an old antique table that is 2" thick and solid mahogany I plan on using for a couple guitar bodies. I can get at least two from it without a problem it's much cheaper than buying body blanks.