ive always taught intermediate to advanced gutiar players...althought ive only been playing gutiar for 3 years ive been playing music for 9 years so ive been able to teach many many gutiar players and always exceed there knowledge.
now i have a problem. my teacher was asked to give lessons to this little girl and he was too full so i was reffered to them by him but the thing is she is a 9 year old little girl who has never held a guitar before!
how should i start??i want to make it some what entertaining for her and at the same time not just teaching her a bunch of songs because i beleive that tehory and proper music/guitar such as exercises and scales and such important.
i was recomended FJH Yong beginers book that it was really good
any other suggestions as to how to start?
I made a teacher thread man,


And also, Id like to mention that the really young, and the real beginner ones (and both!) are the hardest to teach, because 1 mess up on your part could have them quit guitar, or grow up to be a terrible player. Think about it as if it was your job to nurture and mold this 9 year old into a guitar player, and try to have some fun doing it. What I do for my young students is that I give them sheet music to learn from, I put stickers on their fretboard showing them where the necks are, and then I color code the notes, for example yellow would be C, etc. Then they can match the note and realize what the name of it is, etc. They learn a song quickly, and still learn the music itself. Another good thing is to show them EADGBE, and have them memorize and recite it forwards and backwards, and then show them the Em chord and the A major chord, as they are probably the simplest and easiest chords to finger, and the child will love how it sounds.
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try ernie balls books, thats where i learned. really good for beginers.
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yikes sorry i should have looked first:P
and thanks!i just think it would be really fullfilling to watch a young kid that i taught to grow up to love guitar as much as i do
I dont know about you guys.. but when i started i played/taught really easy yet fimilar toons ( for example, Star wars theme, james bond etc ) but apart from that from my point of view start with chords