I need some advice on what some bands do during the writing process, it's kind of awkward right now with my band i guess, heres how we do it;
-i write most of the song
-i show the rest of the guys at practice
-if they like it i play it over and over for the drummer
-drummer makes a drum part
-i teach bassit the song
-screamer does screaminss

most bands jam alot, and if something they like comes up, they record it. then the writer of the lyrics, whoever it is, writes to the song.
If I were you, I would get the Power Tab software, learn how to use it. This way you can have tabs and sound and you can show it to whoever you want, as long you have a computer (which I'm assuming you do). It makes everything so much easier to learn. Ever since I got Power Tab, songs have been flowing from me like piss from a bedwetter, and if I ever forget them, they're always there. You'd be surprised how much it helps.

If that doesn't tickle your fancy, try jamming with just a drummer and record it. Seriously, with just a guitar and a drummer, it's easy to come up with riffs. It's when you get other instruments in there that it starts fuc.kin' sh.it up. So, either method should work for you. Hopefully.
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