I got a black crowes "remedy" shirt with 4 pictures of weed in the corner, and a crow smoking, would it be ok to wear this to school?
sorry, i completely ignore the rules of your school

at my school tons of guys wear that kind of t-shirts, i think it's seriously stupid (specially when most of them haven't even smoked weed once)
Depends how tight they are on stuff like that.
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Do you smoke weed?

If yes why not.
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Depends on the school, at my school yes, and I even live in Vermont so chances are probably not. But hey whats the worst that could happen? You'll probably jsut have to cover it with tape or something
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At my school they won't even let me wear my Iron Maiden killers hoodie, because it depicts 'Violence and death' -_-
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I think if there are kids coming in everyday wearing corona and JD shirts, it be ok
as much as i love weed, i don't enjoy when people parade it around with apparel. But it doesn't sound like the main focus of the shirt is to encourage weed. Even so, i doubt that you can wear it
I have a hoodie with Cannibal Corpse's Butchered at Birth cover on the back. I didn't get a talking too, But I don't know what kind of rules your school has. Just remember when it doubt push the envelope.
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Too much?
you shuld be able too. i once wore my no fat chicks shirt freshman year and got suspended though so idk actually
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Actually, the first amendment protect a students right to wear what they want. As long as the shirt doesn't advocate drug use(i.e. explicitly saying "Smoke weed" or "smoking weed is cool

If they say anything about it just BS something like that its an artistic interpretation of americas youth, the crow being teenagers flying from home and being tainted by drugs.
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At my school they won't even let me wear my Iron Maiden killers hoodie, because it depicts 'Violence and death' -_-

God,your schools suck ass!!

I mean,I'm on a private school and I can wear whatever the **** I want!!

I can even go naked there!!...WELLLLLL,maybe not...

...The principal may rape my hairy ass!
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if you're black, they wont bother you. there was a white kid in my class last year who got in trouble for a shirt with a fart joke on it, but a black kid in the same class with a picture of an m+m smoking weed on his shirt got nothing.
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I once wore a shirt with a stripper (clothed) on it that said "Teenage Head is the best!"

The teachers wouldnt believe that Teenage Head is a band. Damn hippies...
Use your brain, of course not.

God, some people here are just completely retarded...

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Only if one of the teachers likes the Black Crowes. My friend only gets away with wearing a Number of the Beast shirt because one of the vice principals likes Iron Maiden. But yeah, pack another shirt just in case.

It amazes me the sheer amount of people that smoke weed despite the fact that it's ILLEGAL. It disgusts me! What kind of country do we live in?!


So where can I get some?
Corona Corona
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Nope, never smoked weed before, i'm as clean as could be

then ur a ****ing **** if u wear the shirt.. sry for sayin it
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At my school they won't even let me wear my Iron Maiden killers hoodie, because it depicts 'Violence and death' -_-

I see...I'd wear Cannibal Corpse's Tomb of the Mutilated T-shirt to your school in that case
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I wore a Dazed And Confused shirt to school, on it was a picture of Slater smoking out of a bong, I got sent home. I also wore it on 4/20 though hahaha.




who cares wt they think on it i goto a Holy Jesus Bible Thumping School and i will wear a slayer Shirt or Black Sabbath shirt on the odd few days and for days when we dont have to wear are uniform all wear Full blown Slayer or Pantera Items all over Rings Neckless's and Belt buckles They love me and all the others who oppose
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Once, in Junior High, one of my friends wore a "Sopranos" hoodie.

They said it wasn't okay because of the picture of the gun on it.
He covered it with masking tape with an "r" written on it.

However, at our highschool, nobody ever gets in trouble for dress code. People walk down the hallway with their pants sagged below their asses, and nothing is siad.
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A bunch of kids have those "WEEDIES" or "Best Buds" shirts at my school, which all have pictures of weed on it, and they never get in trouble.
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If I can't wear a Sex pistols t-shirt, then no, you can't enjoy your Druggy shirt.
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