I was wondering how you figure out the thirds and fifths to a riff so you can harmonize? I've managed to figure out a few for some of my bands songs, but i don't really know how i did it, lol. So any advice/help is much appreciated.
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Go up 2 scale steps. So let's say you're playing in C minor, and one note is a C. You'd want to harmonize it with a D#.
take the root of the scale, and move it up to the third step of the scale, and to the fifth and transpose as necessary.
learn the major scale "whole-whole-half-whole-whole-whole-half)
so you have your root, say a G. you'll move up two frets to the 5th fret (A), that's one whole tone, then two more frets to the 7th fret (B) which is the 3rd note in the G major scale, and you have your third. (sorry if i'm wrong i'm really tired right now)
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