Well I was pretty much set on the rg50tc until I saw a 75 watt randall amp at a local store. its a "valve-dynamic" and its at a really good price. Can anyone vouch for this valve-dynamic thing, or since its a really good deal maybe just go for it?
Maybe this valve-dynamic thing just means that the amp's distortion is sensitive to your picking technique, therefore simulating the dynamic feel of a tube amp.
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Well I would try the 75 watt and have no clue what the 50 watt sounds like so that doesn't help, thats why I was asking you guys.
Valve-Dynamic is a trademark name for Randall circuits, apparently. I'm not too sure what it provides other than its tone.

Try out this 75 watt, and if you like it, then reconsider your decision on buying the RG50TC.

Although, you really need to find a place to try the RG50TC.
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^^ Where can one try the rg50tc? I don't think GC carries randalls anymore...