Okay, I'm not totally sure if this would go here, but who really cares. Anyway, I found this band through a remix (which apparently they do a lot of) of a Talib Kweli/Hi-Tek track entitled 'Let Me See', which is a fabulous song.

Otherwise, I don't know a thing about this group, but apparently they have reached some success. I think I'm going to pick up their album 'Big Calm'.

Anyone else have any insight?
(Apparently they are dubbed 'trip-hop', which has its own thread in the 'other forum', but eh).
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They were reasonably big over here at one point. Couldn't honestly tell you the name of anything they did, but a well known name.
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I have "Who Can You Trust?" their trip-hop debut, but after that they became slowly less interesting. Sort of the Trip-hop/electronica version of Oasis.
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Trip-hop r00lz.

And so does Morcheeba.
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Like andrewbiles said, they were quite big here for a while but then they seemed to disappear for a while. Then I saw them on the line-up for the local festival (Guilfest) so I went to check them out, they weren't anything special live but as far as trip-hop goes it wasn't bad.
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