not bad, really good keyboard bit. i love your lyrics. your voice isnt bad either, keep it up. crit mine
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This is very good stuff here, you're voice reminds me of the singer for the cardigans. Very good. I love the intro riff and all the levels are done well. Nice work

return crit?

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wow, thanks so much. seriously.

and to chrisatgrace...i totally agree. I added reverb to the vocals and it sounded pretty good but then when i made the entire mp3 louder the reverb sounded sort of weird. so i redid the vocals today without any effects. I hope it sounds better now. haha i know the keyboard was loud in the chorus...i wanted it to stand out.

I'll crit back everyone after I finish this blasted online test.
woah, sweet. excellent playing, singing im not a big fan of, it fits the music, but im not diggin the vibe.

okay scratch that, i started liking it after a few lines, the piano and acoustic worked together really well, this is a great peice, with better quality and maybe a drumbeat and a bass line, could be amazing. thanks for the critique! shot you an add to.
Thank you for your crit. Never played guitar hero so I can't really take that compliment to heart as much, haha. It looks fun though.

Your vocals are full of emotion, very heartfelt. And I like the keyboard melody, suites the song well.
I really like when the other acoustic guitar came in.
I don't know what kind of guitar you have, but I like the tone of it.
You did really well.
Hey I listened t Sidesteps and I am Just Guilty and I liked them. Very nice. I'll admit at first I wasn't so sure on the vocals but they quickly grew on me as the songs progressed and it fits perfectly. I really like the guitar parts tho theyre really nice. Very nicely recorded and mixed too. ThoughI am just guitly suddenly ends...is that supposed to happen? seems a little sudden.
Beautiful opening riff, sets the mood for the song perfectly. I liked the subtleties you created throughout the song. The soft backing melody in the far right channel (sounded very harp like) added very well to the harmony of the piece. You said you dont usually add that much keys but that was fine, any less and the part wouldnt have flowed through the song like it did. The only other thing I have to say is it would do well to have a soft bass part (on any instrument) that starts to come in as the song progresses, adding that extra climatic element. Maybe thats just me, I like bass.
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Thanks for the crits...
especially for listening to both songs. "I am just as guilty" is supposed to sort of stop all the sudden. I had it panned where it felt more like the end but when i exported it all went to the center.

and i agree about adding some bass...this is just like the basic idea for it. I'm hoping to eventually add drums and bass.

if anyone wanted me to crit back that i haven't already just leave a link so i'll know.
you can tell when an original is a good one when it gets stuck in ur head haha.
i really like it.. the vocals sound a bit dark but i think they suit it but nice guitar work, it really suits the song.. and i really like the into. very chill haha
nice one!