Kinda wanted to make it because of this one girl in my class. idk. shes everything to me (not to be to emo) lol

go to my dmusic link.
called I've Always Cared.

its not the full song, its the intro plus the verse without any lyrics, i just wanna know how its headed so far?

sounds really good so far. i really like your voice. It sort of has a mellow vibe...so i personally think itd be better if the guitar was all clean. or acoustic. or maybe just come in a lot later with distortion than right at the beginning. You should keep going with this though. so far it sounds like it has a lot of potential.

thanks for the crit.
I really liked the intro and you've got a beautiful tone to your voice, the song is a little slow for my taste but a lot of people like the slow mellow stuff so consider that just personal opinion. Carry on with this, get the whole thing recorded you've got some good stuff on your hands here.

return crit?

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