I was on a cruise a few weeks ago. My 30GB was stolen BUT it was insured so I got 400 dollars back. I bought a new iPod two weeks ago but yesterday the iPod touch came out. I only used 7GB of my last iPod so I think 16GB would be alright. Is it really worth me buying the iPod touch when I can just get a brand new "classic" iPod with alottttt more GBs?

what do you think? either way, im getting a new iPod
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Personally, I'd use up a lot of Gigs for music, and probably a lot for movies.
So the Touch isn't my cup of tea.

However, like your scenario, if I have not so much music, I'd probably go for the touch. The whole WiFi thing is pretty sweet sounding.
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Isn't it just an iPhone minus the "phone" part?
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Isn't it just an iPhone minus the "phone" part?

yup, hey they put all that money into developing the iphone, why not simplify it and make hunge $$$$$$$$$$$$$ off it

i dont know depends if
1. theres alot of Wi-Fi points were you live
2. Do you see going on the internet on that thing practical for what you do on the internet? (i.e. read the news (practical), go on ug (practical), checking emails (practical), play flash games (not practical) etc.)
3. do you buy music off itunes?
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no, get an iphone, its a much better deal

but if you dont need a phone, itouch is nice but it has problems
1. its wifi is much weaker then that of the iphone, because it does not have EDGE
2. 400 for 16gb is strait outrageous

so i say wait a couple months(2008) when the ipod touch gets a bigger flash drive for the same price
Well, it depends. Do things like an internet browser and multitouch widescreen matter to you? If your answer is no, just get a Classic. Personally I love all that shit, despite the fact that I have 18GB of music alone.
why not get the Iphone? its only slightly more. if you need a phone that is....(its only 400 now incase you didnt hear)........otherwise, do you watch movies? if so get the Classic, if you only want to have like a couple on there get the touch.
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so i say wait a couple months(2008) when the ipod touch gets a bigger flash drive for the same price

yea waiting is always a good idea with apple, these products were released now so when Christmas roles around there super popular everyone wants one and those who have them want accessories,

from stories I hear you should never get first generation anything from apple, like the ipod classic is pretty much perfected from the first generation videos that had gliches and battery issues

so in 1 year all the minor problems of the ipod touch will be fixed
I'm still waiting for the 200 GB portable players come out

I might have to wait a while

They really need to make a practical portable media player for us who have huge collections. I'm very 'non-iPod' because I think that it is just a trend based on advertising. I prefer the Creative Zen Vision M which is what I have because you can get a radio, AMAZING quality videos and 60 GB worth of stuff (for the price of a 30 GB iPod), plus the extra features.

I think that if you are going to get the iPod, just get the classic iPod. If you really like the idea of the touch screen get the iPhone.
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Dude, **** no. It's such a scammy ass waste of money. I mean, if you dig a bunch of nifty looking **** that does nothing practical for you, then go for it, but any other iPod is way more bang for your buck.
Just looked it up...looks like an iphone minus the phone.

Don't get it, just stick with a basic ipod, or heck, a creative zen.
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I'd say get it if you want the browser and the other features, but keep in mind its only 16GB. Think of it less as an iPod and more as a ****ty, super portable computer taped to a iPod nano.

Just ask yourself what you are going to use it for, and you'll have your answer. Also keep in mind that you will never actually listen to 16 GB of music before your battery runs out, so if you have a huge collection of music, just swap it out whenever you dock your iPod.