So i'm about to start a band with a very good bass player and drummer, and I will be the lead singer, songwriter, and lead guitarist. I need tips on doing everything I listed above. I have only been playing for 10 months(I have gotten good very fast though) So i need all the advice I can get on being succesful in this band.
Just practice a lot, write a lot, sing a lot. Sing AND play most of all. Know your songs and your lyrics well. Take that to heart and you will be what you want to be... hopefully.
Hhhmm its very bright of you to ask help here,most people here are very supportive, by the way asking for help i think you should tell us hwat type of music your bands plays ehh ?
Make sure your singing melodies are thoughtfull and interesting, but still simple enough to be remembered. And Make sure your melodies fit your lyrics. All this will make a catchy song, and therefore a popular song people want to hear again.
[U]        | |                     [/U]
[U]        |/     .-.              [/U]
[U]       /|_     `-’       |      [/U]
[U]      //| \      |       |      [/U]
[U]     | \|_ |     |     .-|      [/U]
      *-|-*    (_)     `-’