I have this early demo of The Rain Song by Led Zeppelin that I have been trying forever to figure out the tuning to but I am at loss at finding anything near what I hear. It sounds like you possibly tune all the strings down a whole step but that still doesn't really work. I have been messing with tunings forever now and just can't get anything that sounds proper. All I know is that the beginning intro starts with fretting the whole fret up high on the guitar(11th in standard tuning I think it was but you can find it easily yourself if you listen), and goes down doing that, only to then get into chords I can't produce right in any tuning. It's obvious it's not standard as you can hear it go down to like D flat so it must be something using that.

Here is a link to .ram file (I hope most people can play this since you need RealPlayer) that has the recording:

If ANYONE can lead me on the right track for this it would be much appreciated. I've given up doing it myself

Edit: I just want to note since I'm new here I don't know if this is a proper question for this forum. If I'm going against any rules please let me know
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I don't think you actually listened to the sound file. Of course if I wanted the original Rain Song I could have found a tab. This file is a completely different early demo of the song. Listen to it and see for yourself :/
I downloaded the guitar pro tab and the tuning is DGCGCD. Never heard of this tuning before.
After listening to it for a long time, I figured out how to do it in standard tuning.......

Maybe i should make a tab..........

But yeah, vipermike has the other tuning right

Oh its a different version of the rain song....................never mind then.