Hey guys, ive had my acoustic fender for about a year now and it has been amazing until recently. About a month ago i put new strings on and on the high E string i noticed that frets 12-15 were the same note and making a cracking sound. then my B string started acting up. So yesterday i decided to get new strings, but this only made it worse. now nearly every string has 4-5 bad frets and it's unplayable. Is this due to how i put my strings on? I do i as quick as possible, could that be it? not giving the string enough time to handle the new pressure or what. maybe just bad quality strings? I need to figure this crap out.
might be a warpped neck...check the trust rod. and take your time putting on the strings...no rush
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What gauge strings did you put on? Heavier gauges put more stress on the neck this causing action problems (and vice versa). Do you use a humidifier for your guitar, and if so what kind? How often do you soak the humidifier in water? Do you use a humidity measuring device (of any kind)? Wood that is not humidified properly tends to warp/crack more easily which often contributes to the problems you're having. Try bringing it into the local guitar shop and asking the tech for a quick analysis of the problem. He should be able to point you onto the right track.
don't check the truss rod. if you think that's the issue, take it to a music shop and get them to fix it. or if you have time and wanna do it yourself, google it. but it can be a headache.

maybe your neck is warped?

post some pictures of it with the strings on so we can see if you did anything wrong.
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ya, i live in reno, nevada and it is extremely dry here and ive never used a humidifier on it. so that might be the problem there. but i'll go ahead and take it into guitar center tomorrow. thanks guys