so ya, i play electric, but lately its been a pain in the ass to try and work on vocals w/ my band w/out using the pa (ya no **** i knnow). so i been looking for a good sounding acoustic, ive played martins b4 and they are damn nice sounding. taylors sounded pretty nice too, i kinda prefered martins but whatever.

so basically, since martins/taylors cost like a ****load, someone told me that alvarez guitars or takamine guitars are good alternatives and alot cheaper. any feed back? anyone can attest to this? im kinda leaning toward a alvarez since i heard it has a martin-ish sound...
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If you go high end alvarez yes, but most of the time you get what you pay for.

They are priced that for a reason, don't mean to sound patronising but you'll be lucky to get something comparable for a lot 'cheaper.'
Alvarez and Takamine steel strings are pretty nice. Whats your spending limit? I can tell you Godin makes pretty good guitars if you're willing to try them. Other than that, I prefer Takamine over Alverez. Kinda hard to find a fitting puzzle piece with Alverez.