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I pull a lot of all nighters thanks to my love for music and stimulants... but rarely do i go more than two days without sleep. There was only one time that i stayed awake for three nights in a row, but that was awhile ago and i dont think i can do it again.

so now i stop at two.. which reminds me.. this is night #2 of my stimulant binge.. i finished two new songs as of last night and this night. theyre pretty cool... but of course my opinion is very biased lmao

but anyway, im just wonderin' how long have you guys managed to stay awake for?
and is it true that if u stay awake long enough, you start to hallucinate?
50 hours...and yeah, after you hit 3 nights, you begin to hallucinate
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i think it was like 48 hours
it was great fun
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About 48 hours. And I definitely believe you can hallucinate after much longer, felt like I would start to that time!
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2 and a half days....I think I was in some fit of severe depression and I couldn't sleep at all. I eventually just passed out on my friend's couch I think. I did alot of aimless driving around, which in hindsight was extremely dangerous hehe.
to test myself i stayed up as long as I could with no caffeine, or stimulants of any kind except sugar because its too hard to avoid. I can tell you that I made it past 100 hours but I don't really know how far past cause my memory went to **** after that. A friend said I showed up at his hour at what would have been about hour 109 and hung out but I don't remember it and I could have been sleepwalking at that point already.
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On a flight to Australia with only a 4 hour stopover.

54 Hours constantly awake
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2 days maybe?. I couldnt keep my eyes open at the end of it.
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30-something hours
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I haven't gone long without any sleep at all, but once in the army on an exercise out in the woods I did I think close to 90 hours with less than two hours sleep (15 minutes here, half hour there...).

Yes, I started hallucinating. Just imagine being on an exercise somewhere you have not been to before, there might be "enemies" coming at you from anywhere, it is so dark outside you can hardly see anything, and you are obviously not allowed to use any sort of flashlights (as then any enemy nearby would see where you are).

Those where probably my favourite four days from my time in the army.
around 3 days i think. was on a trip with a couple of friends.possible only due to the large amounts of red bull and coke we had on that trip....
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4days that wasn't nice in the slightest.

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Like 27 hours or so, I hate doing all nighters.
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Most I did with no sleep at all (not even a 15 min nap) was probably about 2 days, maybe a couple of hours more. It's a horrible feeling though and I don't think I'll do it again if I don't have to. I've also gone about a week with 1 or 2 hours of sleep every usually skipping a day. Actually it was more like 6 days, but it was close enough and not fun.
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46 hours. Most of it was alcohole fueled

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92 hours, on a massive film watching spree. I had to sleep eventually, i started to hallucinate
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Isnt alchol a depressant, rather than a stimulant?

Yes, theoretically, he'd also get dehydrated, making him even more tired, and probably a headache, too.

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My friend did an experiment on sleep deprivation in school. He invited five girls and five guys to his house, made us put together a Lego set, forced us to stay awake for as long as possible (a few of us made it 72 hours), and then build the same Lego set. It was mostly an excuse for him to have a co-ed sleep over....

So 72 hours straight...
I went 46 hours... couldn't make it two days. It was hilarious, I stayed up with a buddy of mine. We've never been high, but the feeling that we had was probably just as fun as pot. We just laughed at everything we said and everything we saw on the tube.
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Isnt alchol a depressant, rather than a stimulant?

I was with a load of mates, when your drunk and happy you more likely to try and stay awake and enjoy yourself. I did anyway. Dunno bout anyone else. Besides i had work in the morning so i went to work and went back out again. After 46 hours i slept for 14 hours.
I think the longest was around 30 hours or sooo. I stayed up for all of new years eve and crashed sometime in new years day. So 24 plus 6 or something.
68 hours after a monumental halo/xbox binge with a mate of mine......really felt like **** at the fact i couldn't make it 72 hours
3 weeks.. Suffered from chronic insomnia.
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In or around 50 hours, it was 56 at most, until then it was only 36 hours, and I havent stayed up that long (50-ish) since.

I didn't start to hallucinate, but I started see weird colours and patterns in the air, and on things like tables and stuff - like swirling vortexes or yellowish green, blue and red flashes. That was probably just cause my eyes were tired.
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30 something to 48 hours I guess.

Woke up in the morning to go to my friends house, finished too many coke lights at one go, stayed up doing nothing but Halo 2, went home the next day and continued by day as normal and I had to watch a movie with some guys at night. I fell asleep at the end of the show.
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However long it took to completely beat Ocarina of Time. I got EVERYTHING in that game.
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36 hours, went partying and was really drunk, i was sobering up at 6 30 am in the middle of a strip club. then i vommited al over a bus, then, watched a whole bunch of movies at my mates house. crazy times
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There have been a few times that i've been awake for much much too long, one time i played final fantasy VII for 70 hours straight, only stopping to piss and eat. Another time i was doing training in the army and was awake for 3 days, at that point i was seeing people dancing outside of trenches and i actually thought they were the other soldiers dancing, but i guess they weren't real.
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