i have the Crybaby DB01 (From Hell)

and my brother has a Bass guitar (Yamaha RBX-170)

I wanna know what r the risks by using the Wah with a Bass?

cuz I know there is a BASS Wah, so Guitar Wah might damage it?

but dmg what..the AMP? the Bass? or my lovely Pedal?

thanks u
You should be fine. If you want to make it into an actual bass wah, all you got to do is swap out a capacitor.
What is a Capacitor?

and the .068uF is a kind of model? lets say I just plug it with a PL (normal guitar cable)

wont be any risks? I dont care to crash the AMP, but Guitar and Pedal must be safe.
forgot to tell u - he uses a Guitar AMP , some old Behringer I dont mind ruining :P
I'd like to know, does that cap that you change for 0.068uF cap set the sweep range?
^ Yeah.

EC- it's the sweep cap, not the input cap. Shouldn't you know this?

A capacitor is a component in the circuit.

Using a bass through a guitar wah won't damage it, but there's a 75.86743% chance it'll sound like crap. If you swap the cap, though, it'll sound much better with bass.

EDIT: Forgot to mention- there's only one difference between a guitar wah and a bass wah, other than the name. It's that cap which we were talking about, the .068 microfarad one.

EDIT again: It's an amp, not an AMP.
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^lol. thats funny i said input cap. 2:24AM though. so give me a break
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