just me, my guitar and an amp with effects on. its a micro cube amp so its got limited effects but ok for starting out. what im asking is what effects pedals would do good psychedelia kinda sounds? i noticed the line 6 floor pod plus for £269 in junes total guitar mag or the digitech rp250 in the same one. ive got 1 tune on the go using the effects on me amp. for those who dont know a micro cube has... chorus, flanger, phaser and tremelo on one nob, delay and reverb on the other and on settings theres acoustic, jc clean, black panel, brit combo, classic distortion and r-fier (heavy distortion) oh and i got mega distortion pedal to atm . any combo's of those settings or anything else you lot can think of? riffs, scales etc... and keep it simple i aint got a clue what all ya technical terms mean (im very much self taught )

cheers, dave
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