i've got a squier affinity strat.

it's a good guitar, exceptional quality for a squier, i've played quite a few squiers and mine is pretty damn good, almost as good as some strats i've played.

it's been set up by some pros at my guitar store a few times. truss rod adjustments, bridge and intonation adjustments etc.

the only thing thats bad about this guitar, is that you can't do a full, 2-fret bend on the 14th, 15th, and 16th frets on the high e. the notes just cutout halfway through the bend.

this is annoying since i need to bend in those places quite often. i think it's because i've played in that area so much i've worn the frets down a bit. it only happens bending on the high e.

what can i do.
usually the notes will cut out because you have the action too low, so i suggest raising your saddle just slightly on your high e.
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that's actually a good point, i tried raising the high e a while ago because it is slightly lower than the rest of the strings but it felt wrong so i put it down. i'll do that now.

edit: i raised the E a bit, it feels ever so slightly strange playing certain things on it, almost feels like i'm going to miss the string, but the bending problem is fixed. guess i'll have to get used to it.
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I think you will find that fret wire used on newer guitars isnt the quality it used to be. And the cheaper guitars are worse. I have 2 strats and the one did the same thing try to bend at the 15 fret and the note dies. But that is a pretty popular place isnt it. And yea depending on how hard you fret a note depends on how fast you will tear up frets. Im really hard on em. I wasted the frets on my epi LP standard in about 2 months. My other strat which is a squire I havent played long enough to tear up. I went and learned how to fix em myself and bought the tools. The tools cost what a fret job will cost. And the materials for stainless frets for 1 guitar is about 10 dollars. So all my guitars have stainless frets solves the problem.