Yes I think its because the new UG profiles are out. The section where you download your band's audio tracks just must be filled by some members here and so it seems more and more members are taking the time to look into home recording.

Just a note to all who are starting out. Look though the recording Sticky first and then though "Tweak's Guide" found in my link.

Set a standard to what you need done.
Are you just doing this for fun? or is it studio quality that's needed?

After looking at what you really need done and how far you really want to get into this recording field save up your money for the proper equipment.

Recording your guitar with a small computer mic will work but it just wont sound good. Take some time to get an interface which will open you to a whole new world of recording control.
Agreed. I'm one of these people that has just started home recording (although not because of UG Profilies...) and that link to "Tweak's Guide" really helped me out. I'd also recommend something like:

Recording Handbook

That also helped. I'm reading "Home Recording for Musicians for Dummies" and thus far it's been great, so I'd definetly advise getting something like that. Is this some sort of beginner's recommendation thread??
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I think it's also because of all the new help available - I was pretty daunted when I was starting out, and it took me a while to get it.