Love this song... Its on my profile. I'll add vocals over the weekend

Sorry for the **** backing track I made it myself
The intro's out of time, and a little bit of the verse after that too. Chorus seems to have an off note in it...Solo could do with a bit of touching up, as it's off-time at the start etc...

Apart from those points, nice cover.
first off, not a bad cover at all. Pretty good actually, just a few questions, where did you find the tab for all the lead parts? as there is only a tab for the first solo on UG. Take the solos slower, your rushing them way to much.

Also could you send me that backing track so i can have a pop myself?

All in all good effort 7/10 just re-do the solos and stuf and you will have cracked it.

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Wasn't so fond of the effects on the lead guitar, especially during the main solo.

Rhythm tone was very good, and the outro solo was damned good too.

Liked overall, give me a shout when you've added vocals and I'll give it another listen.

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