K well i got my XLR - XLR cable and plugged in my mic today. i selected the microphone input thing in gearbox and hot record in cubase with my mic pressed up against the edge of the speaker in my amp. i recorded it at volume 3, i played it back and it sounded barely audible. i pummped up the volume to 6 and thats pretty damn loud but again teh volume when played back was ****ty compared to using straight line into gearbox and modelling it. the sound also sounded very weak and crappy again compared to modelling in gearbox.

i dont understand what im doing wrong as my amp sounds much better that the results i get from gearbox when just playing but when i mic it it sounds like total crap. help please on the volume and sound issue
Check your line in/mic port on your pc. To do this go to control panel and double click on "Sounds and Audio Devices". Look for sound recording or something similar and change the volume. Sometimes the standard volume for you mic input is only at 40% or something...

If its not that, is there any kind of volume control on the mic or gearbox?