I am wondering what the best way to shield my pickguards would be. I am thinking of either getting a conductive spray or aluminum foil. I would do coper foil but it seems to be too expensive. BTW I am starting up a pickguard company so it will have to be done on every pickguard it's not just for one. www.pickguardcorner.com

Any advice would be great. Thanks
i just need to make a descision for my business, i'm just wondering if you were buying one of my pickguards what would you prefer. I've found some bulk copper for a decent price and i might go with that
Quote by muikoma
I would do coper foil but it seems to be too expensive.

I wouldn´t buy a pickguard from you if i read that

Ps. you are very skilled with MS paint
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Really, any conductive anything could act as a shield, paint, aluminum, copper etc. Now you ust have to calculate which would be cheapest, but still professional enough to keep ppl happy. Btw, how are you going to do those graphics? Will you do custom graphics, or just those funky ones you show? Consider expanding your consumer base by making pre wired pickguards and custom shapes, (or maybe you are and I didn't see). Anyways, good luck!
yes we do custom graphics if people want, and eventually i want to get into all that extra stuff, i'm just perfecting the pickguard now and the last thing left is shielding. We do the graphics by printing them and then glueing them onto the acrylic.

wolf- i understand what you mean, but the way i was looking at it is if copper and aluminum both do the exact same thing but copper is a lot more expensive, it makes sense to use aluminum. The more I pay the more I have to charge.
^ Huh, I had no idea. Maybe if you found a place that sold bulk copper then. Probably not even a guitar related manufacturer, because someone else would sell it cheaper.
it's 12 inches by 300 feet so it will fit on in one piece. Got it from allfoils.com - cool guy there, he plays guitar.
yes that is true, but im just worried about shielding my pickguards for my business right now. But I did shield the control cavity of my strat a couple days ago and i have to admit i had a lot of fun, solder goes so nicely on copper.
aluminum tape from an auto supply shop should work (it worked wonders on my homemade tele)