I was wondering if the C-1 Exotic star or C-1 plus were worth buying, compared to a C-1 Classic [with price differences included].

As I am finding it hard to find a C-1 Classic in my area but a close store has both these other models.
the C-1 plus has duncan designed pickups instead of duncans, and the exotic star has schecter pickups, which are worse. Dont get a worse model just because thats all they have, get the one you originally wanted
Ya im going with add666. My buddy has the c1. He put emgs and 13's on there and that thing sounds killer. but ya get what you want. If anything you can always order one from musiciansfriend or something.
Yup, I'd say stick with what you really want. The C-1 Classic has the better pickups, which is a big factor. Either travel a little farther to some other guitar stores or look around at online stores for what you want, don't ever just settle.
The Schecter C1-classic is what you really want and need. Just get this one, the other two are a step down.

That I changed the pickups doesn't mean the duncans don't do their job very very well. Schecter C1-classic has awesome pickups. I put EMGs in because I pretty much play metal only.
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The C-1 Exotic Star is actually a very cool looking guitar. Plus, the pickups aren't that bad: don't forget that they aren't like those Schecter pickups on the cheaper models. The SuperRock II pickups are similar to the ones they use on some of their Custom shop models. They aren't as good as the original Seymour Duncans or EMG's, but are as good as the Duncan Designed, just different looks and character.

Anyway, I'd go for the C-1 Classic too if you can get it.
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