This is my attempt at building a guitar. I found an old mahogany bookshelf in my loft and decided to give it a go. Th wood was 3/4in thick so used it for the front of the body and was abl to use mahogany ply for the back enabling me to hollow it out for better sound quality.

The bolt on neck was made from the same mahogany with a home made truss rod routed into the neck, and a curved fillet glued in to give the truss rod shape

The hardware came from Axesrus and consisted of a matched pair of humbuckers Wilkinson machine heads a string through bridge and jumbo frets

The fretboard (630mm scale length) was bought ready slotted but I radiussed it to a 12in radius curve.

The electrics came as a ready made kit similar to the Gibson SG but with the difference that the pickups were individually controlled when the selector switch is in the mid position

I don't know what anybody thinks of it, but I'm dead chuffed with it, and all I need now is to learn how to play the thing!!!!

You built this without knowing how to play? Pretty cool.
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dude thats nice very similar to those rickenbacker things.
very nice, i have 5 or 6 old mahogany pieces of furnature in my garage i was thinking of doing this also.
we did have this slab big enough to make a 1 peice guitar but my brother cut it up =[