very interesting, i love the bass in the beginning. there r alot of wierd tones in here. made me feel like starting a mosh pit. very cool and different, keep it up. crit mine, http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=666748
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Alright I'm listening to it right now. Sounds pretty cool so far; I like the accelerating tempo.

I like it so far. Love the atmosphere.

Sounds like a Synth being played right now? You have a great progressive sound going. Somewhat creepy, but in a very nice way.

Tempo's a little faster now, a little heavier. Good stuff.

Well, I liked it. Very proggy, which I love. Great atmosphere throughout.
nice man, well i wasnt to big of the faster tempo change, but it did end up working near the middle of the song, it was kind of weird at first, but yeh, it was nice and heavy for sure, maybe add some solo lines over that here and there, im not a big fan of the tone, but it was worth listening to, when the clean part comes in maybe the drums are off timing with your guitar, i dont know but, it definitily kept me listening to, loved the synths also man.

crit mine?
nice bassline, nice (and experimental) guitar work. only poor thing is production and repeatitive drums.
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I was like WTF !!!!!!!!!!
Beyond hell is a title of a song of mine and it's copyrighted but what the hell...
I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.
Pretty funky intro, definetly a moshing song. Tone could use a little work. After a while it just starts to get really repetitive. I like the bridge, it slows down, a good break from the chaos. I'm not gonna lie, it's a pretty weird song, but cool. Thanks for the crit on mine.
I like the drums. MIDI? they aren't too blatant.

The bass sounds like a guitar that's been pitch shifted a bit, and added to the frantic guitar it's very tense and frantic.

I think that the phaser parts are a bit wet, if you rolled the signal down a bit, it'd be a more effective effect.

How did you do the piano sounds?

Overall, I think that the title is quite apt. Good job 8/10.
pretty cool stuff! even tho the song crit is for beyond hell, Dumanche is a pretty sweet drum piece. i started to nod off while listening to it, its very hypnotic and catchy

beyond hell made my brain do backflips. cool stuff

quick edit:

if you're into the wierd stuff you may enjoy this guy here. a guy named Jinmo outta japan. kinda similar vein as your stuff

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