Well I need to know whats the correct height set for the guitar strap. Or whatever. When I tray to play an Am Arpgeggio standing it really hurts my wrist. Any suggestions?
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it's whatever feels most comfortably to you.
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I set up my strap like this:

1- I sit down and put my guitar on my right knee with my foot on a stool, my standard confortable playing position.
2-I adjust the strap until it holds the guitar exactly the same height as my knee
3- I get up, to see if it's confortable

But the pain is probably due to excessive tension on your muscles, try doing some warm-ups and check out the lessons about that http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/lessons/correct_practice/ .
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there is nothing like "correct height". Just experiment and find out the height suitable for ur style of playing. It is usually easier to play arpeggio with the strap short i.e. the guitar higher up ur body. Once u have some experiance standing and playing (and want to look kool), u will be able to lower the guitar and still play arpeggios with ease. Some great guitarists who have their guitars hanging low - Jimmy Page(of led zeppelin); Slash(Guns n roses)...etc. Oh yea...and some stuff are easier to play standing than sitting!
Just make sure you have the neck pointed up some, and don't have the guitar completely parallel with the ground. It makes it much easier to play. I can't even tell you how many people I have seen trying to play with the guitar parallel, it puts your wrist in an un-natural position.
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I used to play bass (and guitar) with my strap really low, so the bass was against my leg. It was actually at the full length of the strap (I'm like 6" 7 though) because I could play easy stuff with it there. Once I raised it up so its about at my waist and just below my abdomen I can play things a hell of alot easier, so much so that I don't care how it looks, besides if you're rocking out it generally looks like its strapped lower, all the more reason to move on stage I guess.