hey i jus started writing a song but it seems rubbish! can any one help me adjust and/or help me finish it??
it is average speed! with chords B D and A lyrics are:

#everytime i would feel the same,when everynight i hear that name
#but i cant...(A)release that pain!

#i hear them songs on the radio,theyre real and going on below
#But i cant...(A) release the pain

please help me! any suggestion can u please email to stuartrobbocop@hotmail.co.uk
you should mayb if u want it to be heavier use power chords, or change rythms sumtimes coz thats what i do and it sounds great when u just add things in randomly lol.
Hmmm... The lyrics are wicked!!! but what is the song about and what genre?
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Hi. This forum is there exactly for what you need. However, this thread will get closed, because you need to have the name of your piece/song bit in the thread title. You understand, if everyone would make topics titled "help me with my song", we'd get lost in 3000 of those.

I suggest you read the rules and FAQs , located at the top of the Songwriting + Lyrics forum section, and then you'll find plenty of people around here to help you .

See you around


edit : errr, fine, conf....fine .
i would add more of a chord progression fro the song...instead of one chord for each line...use two...idk...just my opinion