hi im into eric clapton, oasis,pink floyd etc im just wondering what electric or acoustic set up i need to create the same sound as the above mentioned bands.cheers.
Clapton and floyd use Stratocasters I believe... So you'll need a guitar with Single-Coil pickups.
A good vintage style tube amp would also be a plus.
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do you have a budget?that would be very helpfull for us to know since we can give you ideas on what to do without you having to sell your house
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Yeah to get that kind of tone I would recommend using a Fender Stratocaster or even a Telecaster. Ampwise, try out some Fender models too such as a Twin, Deville, or a Princeton.
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oasis use gibson hollow-bodies like es-335s
clapton and flloyd used strats and an SG

so, guitar wise, a HSS strat would cover everything if you don't mind how the bridge humbucker looks (it really puts me off personally). That or... a telecaster would get you a good mix between the clapton-esque and oasis tones, better than a strat maybe.

amp, everyone recommends vox AdVt series, so i'll go ahead and say that.
Guitars: Strat is probably what you want, look at teles or semi-hollowbodies also. But honestly, try everything you can get your hands on!

Amp: Vox Valvetronix are really great, but you'll want a distortion/fuzz pedal to go with it. You'll really want to get an all-tube amp though. As far as that goes, Fender blues deluxe amps are pretty good and so are the Peavy Classic and Delta Blues series.