do u have any tips on cleaning guitar strings acoustic and electric. Ive read somewhere that u can make them last longer if u clean them.
I would prefer to use cleaning products that r already in the house, if u have any suggestions, thanks
from what i heard that just taking a dry cloth and wipping them down works...thtas what i do and my stings seem to last...cuz if u use a liquid product the string might rust or somthing...idk thats what i was told
You can buy a cotton cloth or just use an old cotton shirt to wipe them down after every time you play. Takes the skin cells and oil left from your hands off which keeps the strings from corroding etc.
niceone, does it make them sound newish again, i guess i'll find out when i clean them
Before he was famous, Eddie van Halen would boil his strings, then hang them in the sun to dry without rusting
it is also claimed it shortens the breakin/stretching of the strings when they're new
do u have any tips on cleaning guitar strings acoustic and electric. Ive read somewhere that u can make them last longer if u clean them.

Heres some tips to get the most out of your strings in terms of lifespan:

1. Ensure your saddle, bridge pins and machine heads are in good condition and there are no sharp edges etc that could cause premature string breakage.

2. Re-string your guitar properly remembering to wrap the string around the tuner.

3. Use long life strings. Elixirs and D'Addario EXPs are great from my experience. (This is purley optional, if you prefer the sound of uncoated strings thats fair enough)

4. Make sure your hands are clean before playing.

5. Wipe down your strings after playing.

6. Dont change tunings (drastically) too often. Im sure going from standard to drop D every now and then wouldnt hurt but i you were to say, go from standard to Drop B and back daily im sure that would reduce the lifespan of your strings.

Addressing your original question, i cant think of any household cleaning items that i would recommend using on your guitar. If you adhere to points 4 and 5 it really shouldnt be an issue in any case.
There's a silver polishing cloth that you can buy from Joann Fabrics that I use on my strings (it polishes all metal; but it's made for silver). I forget it's brand name, but it's cheap and you can buy yards of it. I'll find out the name from my mom (she works there).
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I'm still in fovor of the lambskin shammy. Works for the strings just as well as it does for the rest of the guitar, and is completely lint free. Be warned tho, if you use it just slightly damp to wipe down the strings, they'll squeal like cat with it's tail on fire! And that little bit of moisture evaporates very quickly, so no harm no foul there. I'm talking about taking a shammy, running it under warm water to get it completely drenched, then wringing it out hard, and I do mean hard! You want it just slightly damp. This way it's nice and soft, won't scratch anything, and removes just about everything left over from your current jam session.