I have two amps that I use for recording two different tonesand play in a punk and ska band. I play a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier when I play for a lot of distortion and I play a Fender Deville for my clean ska tracks.

My question is how can I play both amps live ? What do I need and how do I hook up both amps and switch between them for my distortion/clean?
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A/B pedal if you wanna play them at different times, and an A/B/Y if you want to play them at the same time.

That's basically it.
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what the other guy said. my a/b/y pedal is very easy to use and cost 20 bucks or so. its great, fender for cleans, marshall for dirty, both for leads
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RHCP hit the nail on the head. If you want an EQ along with the splitting into mulitple amps, MXR has a Kerry King 10band EQ with 2 outputs.
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