Alright, we need suggestions to add to our list of songs. So far we've got about 30 songs in our setlist and need to add about 30 more. Generally in the course of the evening we play 3-4 sets of 10 songs, but ideally we'd like 5 sets of 12 songs, just to give us plenty of options and eliminate the need for any extended solos.

What we need:
Something with a good solid rhythm that people could dance to.
So no Pink Floyd, no weird time signatures, tempo changes or any of that.

Standard or Flat tuning, no song that require open tunings please.

Classic rock or blues, for 1 or 2 guitars. Nothing too modern unless it's a damn good song that most people regardless of age would know.

Nothing with stupidly high pitched vocals. In other words, most AC/DC stuff is out, so is Zeppelin.

What we've got so far:

Beatles: Saw Her Standing There
Beatles: Slow Down
Chuck Berry: Johnny B. Good
Cream: Crossroads
CCR: Green River
CCR: Have You Ever Seen The Rain
CCR: Old Man Down the Road
CCR: Susie Q
CCR: Rock and Roll Girls
Doobie Bros: Listen To The Music
Doobie Bros: Long Train Runnin
Doobie Bros: Dark Eyed Cajun Woman
Dave Edmunds: I Hear You Knockin
The Guess Who: American Woman
The Hollies: Long Cool Woman
John Mellencamp: Hurts So Good
Robert Palmer: Bad Case of Lovin You
Rolling Stones: Jumpin Jack Flash
Stealers Wheel: Stuck in the Middle
Steppenwolf: Born To Be Wild
Steppenwolf: Magic Carpet Ride
SRV: House is a Rockin
SRV: Pride and Joy
ZZ Top: Tush
ZZ Top Sharp Dressed Man

There are a few more we do, but that's all I can remember off the top of my head.
uhm, line-up? But I guess 2 guitars, a bass and a drum?

All along the watchtower - hendrix
Hey joe - hendrix
Walkin' blues - Clapton
Texas Flood - SRV
stuff from the Yardbirds? The allman brothers band?
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Bruce Springstein?
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Well id say hey joe by hendrix its real bluesy, alright now by free cos its a classic song that every1 will know and also by free the stealer, rocky mountain way by joe walsh and im gonna say black night by deep purple. Also maybe tie your mother down by queen, its easy to play and its energetic enough to get ppl goin in my opinion.You could also consider any well known who song(wont get fooled again, who are youetc) because they r generally made up of easy but hard hitting power chords and u just slam them as hard as poss and the songs therefore sound immense.
Some Boston maybe
-More Than A Feeling
-Piece of Mind
-Rock and Roll Band
Blue Oyster Cult
-Cities in Flames with Rock and Roll
-Dont Fear The Reaper
Allman Bros. Band
-Statesboro Blues
-Ramblin Man
-Blue Sky
-In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
-Stand Back
-Stormy Monday(written by T-Bone Walker)
-Dimples(written by John Lee Hooker)
-Whipping Post
Lynyrd Skynyrd
-Saturday Night Special
-The Needle and the Spoon
-Gimme Back My Bullets
-That Smell
-Call Me the Breeze
-Cocaine(written by JJ Cale)
-After Midnight
-Strange Brew
-Outside Women Blues
-Four Until Late(written by Robert Johnson)
-Crossroads(written by Robert Johnson)
-Im So Glad
-White Room
-Sunshine of Your Love
-Sitting On Top of the World(forget original artist)
-Born Under A Bad Sign(forget original artist)
-I Feel Free
Joe Walsh/The Eagles
-Funk 49
-Rocky Mountain Way
-Walk Away
-Life's Been Good
-Take It Easy
-Hotel California
The Who
-Magic Bus
-I Can See For Miles
-The Seeker
-Wont Get Fooled Again
-Baba O'Reilly
-Talkin About My Generation
-Pinball Wizard
Rolling Stones
-Not Fade Away
-It's Only Rock 'N Roll
-Honky Tonk Women
-Brown Sugar
Grateful Dead
-US Blues
-Casey Jones
-Sugar Magnolia
-Friend of the Devil
-Playing In The Band
-Uncle Johns Band
-Fire On The Mountain
-Goin Down The Road Feelin Bad
-Scarlet Begonias
-St. Stephen
The Jimi Hendrix Experience
-Long Hot Summer Night
-Crosstown Traffic
-Gypsy Eyes
-All Along The Watchtower
-Voodoo Chile
-If 6 Was 9
-Bold As Love
-Red House
-Purple Haze
-Manic Depression
-Stone Free
-The Wind Cries Mary
-Foxy Lady
Random Blues
-Boom Boom - John Lee Hooker
-Done Somebody Wrong - Elmore James
-Dust My Broom - Elmore James
-The Sun Is Shining - Elmore James
-One Way Out - Elmore James
-Hoochie Coochie Man - Muddy Waters(not sure who original artist is)
-Mannish Boy - Muddy Waters
-Got My Mojo Workin - Muddy Waters
-Walkin Blues - Robert Johnson
-Travelin Riverside Blues - Robert Johnson
-32-20 Blues - Robert Johnson
-Ramblin On My Mind - Robert Johnson
-Kindhearted Woman Blues - Robert Johnson
-Terraplane Blues - Robert Johnson
-Texas Flood - SRV
-Crossfire - SRV
-Mary Had a Little Lamb - SRV
-I Got The Blues - T-Bone Walker
-Everyday I Have the Blues - T-Bone Walker
-Been Down So Long - T-Bone Walker
-Deathletter - Son House
-Pearline - Son House
-Preachin Blues - Son House
-Downhearted Blues - Son House
-Louise McGhee - Son House
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Blue Oyster Cult and The Who, the only classic rock bands I like
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