Hi guys,

Well, I've been playing a couple of years now, and I'd say I'm pretty good for how long I've been playing.

I was just curious though on how I can build up my downpicking strength, since I want to be able to downpick with ease for a longer amount of time, and not feeling so tense when I've been doing it for a bit, because let's face it, it can sound a lot better than alternate picking some of the time.

I can downpick my way through Master of Puppets (just about!) but it really wears me out - sometimes I can't do all of it at all.

So ideas/suggestions? I'm guessing most of you are gonna say practice, but I just wanted to post incase.


- Charlie
Find a comfortable position so that your palm can rest comfortably on the bridge or the strings and keep practicing at faster and faster speeds. Just don't push yourself too hard.

Its best to use your wrist as much as possible and try and keep your upper-arm muscles as relaxed as possible. Most people tend to stiffen their upper arms and try and move their elbows. It takes a lot of energy out.
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how are you picking? with your wrist or elbow? sometimes when my arm feels tired i'll stop and realize im using too much elbow while chugging away. just try to relax your arm and let your wrist do most (if not all) of it.
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Hey mate.

Ive been playing MoP a lot lately, and i find that just playing it to a speed you can hold up is the best way to build your downpicking strength. Instead of trying to go mad speed, just find a good downpicking speed you can keep up for the whole song.

When you feel comfortable enough that you can go faster and harder, give it a try.
There's no magical way to do it. Just downpick a lot.
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Practice, practice, practice. Everyone say it, but it's the only way because skills don't come easy. Relax your arm as much as possible (tensing it will only drain valuable stamina) and do downpicking often. Play songs you know without alternate picking, just downstrokes. It takes awhile, but after a few weeks you'll notice a difference. I remember I used to get aches in my elbow when I did downpicking, and it was because I was moving my arm too much. Smooth, accurate picking doesn't involve very much movement, and it's all in the wrist.
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