Amplifier and Effects (Processor, Pedal, Stomp box, doesnt matter) Combo EVER.

And lets say I have, oohhhh....600$.

The Amp does have to be anything too terribly heavy-watted. 40-50'll do fine. The Effects, though...

I want an effect that will have the heaviest-hell-bent chugs, but terrifying squeals and devilish highs.

Any suggestions?
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You want a really raw tone, so go with a Framus Cobra or a similar EL34 amp. Forget the Rectifier series. Oh and if you wanna be really occult, add an octaver and a distortion stompbox, let's say a Metal Zone
This will be total (or tonal) annihilation.
^ seconded.

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Except instead of a metal zone, an EH Metal Muff w/top boost. Great pedal for about $90, and you'll still have $500 for an amp.

It's worth mentioning that when playing things with obcene gain, you need to make sure you have a very well shileded guitar and signal chain.
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On a quest for the heaviest, Face shredding Amplifier and Effects (Processor, Pedal, Stomp box, doesnt matter) Combo EVER.

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And lets say I have, oohhhh....600$.

Framus Cobra or an ENGL Powerball.

That's it, don't need anything else.

Basically, you're going to have to compromise severrely with your budget...a Randall of some sort is probably your best bet.
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