Need suggestions for good clean tones i play in the styles of hendrix,srv and john frusciante and have a good distorted tone but can't get a clean tone.

Please give me the settings for treble,mid and bass so that i can get a clean tone. Thanks!

P.s. i have a 100 marshall combo and a ibanez 20th anniversary ibanez rg550mmx and a 1977 yamaha sg.
is ur amp a tube or ss?
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You are using a marshall, don't count on getting any good clean tones any time soon. You should have bought a Fender or a Vox if you want clean tone.

Anyway here are my Fender Ultimate Chorus Settings on clean
I'm 98% sure you have an MG, and thus you aren't going to get a great tone.

This isn't the place though. Guitar Gear & Accessories is the place to be, and there's an "Ultimate Settings Thread" stickied near the top. Ask in there.
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Go to the Electric Guitar forum.
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