Does anyone know how I can get my hands on one?
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Any specifications on what kind of ML? They make quite a few different models, from very poor to very nice. How much are you looking ot spend?



This guy's about the only white ML I can find, and they don't even have pics of it on the site.
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the only places i've seen white mls are in old pics of dimebag pictures and this one urban camo ml with shadows of dimebag in various stances looks weird though
Im looking for a pretty nice guitar. $700 or over. I want something that at least sounds as good as my Jackson KE3.
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I'll probobly get a custom model.
"Shut up, your making me un-concentrait."
DO NOT BUY DEAN, they are over priced, you get a relatively low quality non American made guitar for a lot of money. They are made in Korea
Dean makes awsome guitars. Only guitars I play. My ML is a limited production all white one from Ebay. All Hail Ebay.
I kinda figured that out when I saw the pricetag for the Razorback. Are there any other guitars that have a similar shape to the ML from other companies?
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There's one.

I don't think any other company does MLs, currently. If you're willing to fork out (or save up) like... $2000, maybe a bit last, you could get Ran Guitars to do you one.
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