I'm looking to trade my Marshall GV-2 Distortion pedal. I'm am looking for any bass distortion pedal. Ideally I'd love to trade this for a Bassballs or a Nano Bassballs. I'm also open to sell it. But I would prefer to trade. I live in upstate New York, and have no problems shipping to Canada.

PM if interested.
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Greetings from Syracuse.

Awesome pedal, BTW. I had one and gave it to a buddy for a gift, and have regretted it since.
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hey i might be interested in it, but i think id have to pay, dont really have much i want to trade. I live in Ithaca too so im really close.
i'm gonna give it a couple days to see if there is anyone out there who wants to trade for a bassballs. pricewise, i'm thinking about 60/65ish including shipping.
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EDIT: btw, i go to college at oswego, so it'll prolly be shipped from there.
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since apparently the PM system is messed up, i am undable to send PMs. If anyone feels like buying the pedal for $60 incuding shipping, leave a post with your AIM address or e-mail and i'll contact you through either of those.
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Is it like a Guv'nor pedal?
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I'm from Rome, NY. I live in Cali, though. I'd be interested in buying it if you're selling... but they're $69.99 on MusiciansFriend... so I'd go new instead.
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