Poll: What album do you think is the best?
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By The Way (RHCP)
37 21%
Light Granades (Incubus)
6 3%
Absolution (Muse)
26 15%
Pearl Jam (Pearl Jam)
28 16%
Aenima (Tool)
24 14%
Black Holes and Revelations (Muse)
15 9%
Yero Zero (NIN)
18 10%
In Your Honor (Foo Fighters)
17 10%
Vicius Delicious (Infected Mushroom)
1 1%
New Wave (Against Me!)
3 2%
Voters: 175.
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I'm going to the shops this weekend, and I seriously want some new. I want to know you're opinion on which one of the above albums you think is the best..

Please give other albums that you think I should consider as well...
Thanx for your support
C'mon people.. give me something..!
I voted Pearl Jam
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that was such a hard choice between by the way and pearl jam... but i could listen to pearl jam over and over forever
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I congratulate you good sir on being EPIC.
Absolution was the first muse album I got and is kickass (Better than BH&R by a long shot) but by the way is my favourite RHCP album.

Aenima by tool is awesome too, iff possible get all three.
I was thinking light grenades before I opened this.
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Buy By The Way, both Muse albums and Pearl Jam's.
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Replace with Aenima with Lateralus and then there you go. Otherwise, id say Absolution out of that list, but then i havent heard much of that list so yeah.
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The wall - Pink Floyd

Out of those ... eh, I guess RHCP.

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Get Scenes From a Memory by Dream Theater. It will be the best damn decision of your life.
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Buy Deja Entendu by Brand New, it is the most perfect album of all time...

More like The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me....
By the Way is a great album, if you look past the first two tracks, that got waaaay too much airtime. They're not bad, but there is more to the album.

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Get Scenes From a Memory by Dream Theater. It will be the best damn decision of your life.

plus mofo'in one!
The new PJ and Incubus sucks but i voted for Foo.
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Tool, anyone?
Alter Bridge, maybe?
A bit of John Mayer?
Some beethoven sounds delightful, as well.
I voted In Your Honour but By The Way and Pearl Jam are also fantastic
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More like The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me....

It's a brilliant album and I love it but I wouldn't call it perfect, there was no need for two instrumentals and Handcuffs only deserved to be a b-side...

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Get Scenes From a Memory by Dream Theater. It will be the best damn decision of your life.

i really could not agree more

but out of those, i'd buy black holes and revelations.
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Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek - 'Train of Thought'.
Frank Sinatra - 'Where Are You?'.
U2 - 'Boy'.

Thats what I would go with, anyway. All the albums on your list are pretty cliche, and the only real standouts are Pearl Jam, Foo's, Tool, & Muse. But if your gonna go around and say that the Red Hot Chili Peppers are your favorite band, its pretty sad you can say that without owning one of their albums. So you might as well pick that up, even though its not all that great.
For the love of God, all things living, and all things not, please buy Year Zero. Album of the year, if not decade. It's just purely amazing. Also, if you do pick that, I suggest listening to it on a rainy day.
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I really think you should get Absolution.. Muse has really blown over some barriers in the past albums and they are really worth listening to.

Otherwise, I'd say By The Way or Pearl Jam...
If you're going to buy an Against Me! album, don't get New Wave, get Reinventing Axl Rose or Searching for a Former Clarity. Muse's Absolution is an excellent album.
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IMO, you should go buy the new Chiodos Album "Bone Pallace Ballet" I Think it's an amazing CD.
Normally i would say Absolution.

But after i read a comment by you (TS) in mod rock saying "RHCP are much better musically than Muse" even though you dont have Absolution or BH&R and i doubt you have the other two. I have decided that i don't like you.
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