Is there any special name for them, and what size magnets are ideal for making my own pickup. I have all the wire and I could make bobbins from wood, but I can't seem to locate any cylindrical magnets that would be of any good. Any help as to where to find some?

Thanks guys.
Well, a humbucker is just two single coils with reversed polarity to reduce hum right? So I figured the magnets would be the same for both.

Thanks man, now I've got some idea of what magnets I'd be going for

I think a quarter inch magnet width would be nice and fat for bass pickups eh?
Now, for the alnico magnets, would it be better to buy small plugs, or get rods and cut them into the desired lengths, I suppose the same goes for ceramic.

Oh, and I take it 4 string bass pickup are wound with different amounts of wire than 6 string guitars, correct? A vintage '67 Jazz bass pickup has roughly 10 000 windings, is that equivalent to a guitar/ is there some ratio to strings, or is it all a matter of over winding for volume?
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^ Nope. Humbuckers use bar magnets and steel polepieces, singlecoils use magnets as polepieces.
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