This is so not fair..

I get treated better at home (what a comment). These people, they call themselves justifull and lawfull. They just deleted my "Is God Dead?" thread....
I mean is that a bad question. Or no, is it going to make some little boy piss in his pants.. Why does my thread get deleted if a poll about your favorite type of PORN isn't????

This thread is probably also going to be deleted just like my poll "Why Did My Thread Just Get Deleted?" thread. This sucks...
Im going to come on when there all sleeping and start threads all about the wrong stuff.. And loads of complaints too.

Thanx for listening to my pain...
Perhaps because there is a sticky Religion thread ate the top of the board, which is put there so that practically anyone can see that it is there for a reason.
Staaaap, before you get banned.
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I'll logic you right in the thyroid.

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Stop being emo. go to a religious forum to talk about religion. Religious threads all end in flame wars. I can understand, you're new to this thread so you wouldn't know that. But there is a reason that these types of threads aren't allowed. They all result in spam.

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