i was thinking about purchasing guitar pro full version but i have to settle for the update, because im dirt poor.i want to know if this is a rip off or not so what are the difrences between the two versions is pretty much all im asking for.
Don't bother paying for Guitar Pro just download it for free off limewire or something as long as you don't register it online itll be fine.
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Yes, if you mean "free" as in "I stole it, so it's free".

To the OP: The upgrade is only if you already own GP4, so you can upgrade to GP5.

Have you considered one of the free alternatives to GP? Such as Power Tab, or maybe one of the ones which are also able to open GP files?

I'm not sure which ones you can run on Windows, but on Linux TuxGuitar is quite good (and free legally), and has pretty good support for GP files as well. dguitar is another one, and I think you should be able to run it on Windows as also, since it is written in Java, although I personally don't have any experience with it.
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yeah dude u can get it for free really "borrow" haha, dont buy it though. Download using Limewire or torrent