Poll: What type of guitarist are you?
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Bedroom Shredder, whose life consists only of guitar
48 20%
hard partying guitarist, plays some mean guitar, but has an active social life
123 50%
Casual guitarist, plays rarely, has a good social life
40 16%
Poser Guitarist, plays (or pretends too) to look cool and impress people
2 1%
32 13%
Voters: 245.
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Soo what type of guitarist are you?

EDIT: not really about genre or style etc, more about how your guitar and social life fit together. I also realise that this is mainly young people orientated (on the poll) which is my mistake lol.
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a shredder...metalhead... bluesy mexican guitarist

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Rather broad question. Do you mean like rhythm/lead? Or do you want a bit more than that, like dedicated/hobby/professional/etc.

I'm both a rhythm and a lead guitarist, but nowadays I'm leaning more towards rhythm - but that doesn't mean I'm a shoddy lead player.

EDIT: Ahah, polls up - I went for hard partying... hey I'm at uni.
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One that plays the guitar.

We should form a group.

Edit - Hard Partying, bitches!
i just play guitar to attract big german gay guys, so i can wake up the next morning with a **** up my arse.
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metal guitarist and trying to expand into other genres

Good choice. Not that I don't like metal (well, I don't, usually) but it's always good to expand into other genres.

On Topic: I'm niether. I play everday, but my life consists of more than guitar, even if music (and guitar) is my passion/interest/wahtever.
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Bedroom jazz guitarist, with a somewhat notable social life.

I like it.
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theres the door..show yourself out
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One does not simply walk onto a Chav's lawn
I play maybe...an hour a day at max...so not very hard playing
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Everything with a guitar interests me, I'd rather play the guitar by myself then eat with friends. it's gotten that bad
What the hell does age have to do with partying. Getting ready to jam and drown here shortly.
And I do more important things in my bedroom.
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The only thing i like more than my guitar is going out and getting hammered at parties...

Beer>Guitar>Girlfriend lol
i believe u spell 'liek' like
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Bedroom guitarist. Spends all day composing songs and goes out once a week.
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LOL ! muther fuker i was gonna say that LOL!
No Posers.. I should have guessed, Im a beedroom shredder. Who would admit to being a poser?
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im glad most people live up to the rock n roll nature of guitarists

EDIT: and im surprised about how open the bedroom shredders are about it, round here you wouldnt really say that you have no social life and spend all day playing guitar lol.
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One does not simply walk onto a Chav's lawn
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bedroom shredder =/
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None of those at all. I am a Classical guitarist. I do not have much of a social life outside of school because I am far more of a musician than a socialite. Now that school started, I'm usually playing 2-3 hours a day.
Bedroom shredder. I have a girlfriend....But when she comes over I play guitar for her half the time and the other half we make out...So yeah. Not much of a social life.
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the awesome kind

but really.. i'm kind of a mix of the bedroom shredder and the hard-partying. I don't really play guitar at home as much as I used to, because I don't feel like I have to practice As much as I used to have to, and I leave my guitar at church because it's a hassle taking it all over the place. When guitar club starts back up at school, i'll be taking it home again. But yet, I have a decent social life, I have lots of friends, and I do stuff with them. I voted for the party guitarist, but I'm a mix of the bedroom shredder and the other one.
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I choose the "not a typical metalhead perspective" option. So other.
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Well, i'm addicted to my guitar. I'm the guy at the parties trying to get my music on the speakers instead of the garbage they usually play.
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i didn't know what to put so i picked other. i just play because it gives me something to do
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if I check "poseur," what do I win?

that wasn't you! That was me! >=D

I put "other". I suck at guitar, and have no social life!
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