I have an emg 81 and absolutely hate it. I guess if i was a metal player i would love it but I am not. I am more into things like led zeppelin, aerosmith, ac/dc etc etc. Think classic rock bands of the 60's and 70's.

That being said which pickups do you guys recommend for my epi LP.

I am thinking maybe some gibson's or seymour duncans but i am clueless with pups

my budget is like 150 btw

seymour duncan makes great vintage pickups, the vintage 59's or their alnico II pros are great, it not duncan, try a set of gibson 57 classics,
Beat me to it, a pair of Pearly Gates's would be perfect.
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I was also gonna upgrade pups in my Epi LP, and i think i am gonna get a Seymour Duncan 59 at the neck and either a pearly gates or an Alnico Pro II fro bridge. I play clean rock, mid-gain rock, and hard rock. Ne1 think thats a good idea?
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