I bought 5 to mod, won't use this one. I pulled it from the box to take the picture. I love these things, but 4 modded is enough. $110 shipped Conus. PayPal OK from verified account/address or USPS money order.

The Bass is a Bantam XB-500 I bought to tool around with and decided I am no bassist with a newfound respect for those that are. I know nothing about basses, but this guitar is in good shape. a few scratches on back but nothing to call buckle rash. Nothing goes through the clear. Bad pics until I get batteries for my better camera. Very nice. Active pups, blend pot. That's about all I know. Please add if you know more... $220 shipped obo same terms as above.

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Would you consider shipping to the UK? I may be interested in that '51 you have there...
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Would you consider shipping to the UK? I may be interested in that '51 you have there...

I'm interested in the bass, I'm also in the UK.
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I have never shipped to England before, but assuming you would:
-Assume liability
-pay for shipping
-allow payment to hit my bank account prior to shipping
-buy completely as is (for conus buys I offer a 2 day return to check it out).
I would probably be willing to give it a go.

rockowns, I would rather trade for gear, so I'll pass on the ipod. thanks for the offer though.

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The bass has ACTIVE pups? I'm interested.
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I'd be willing to pay for insured shipping with a good company provided it isn't too much for me to be able to spare at the moment. If you could find out how much it'd cost and tell me, then I'd certainly consider it. All the other stuff you mentioned is fine

Edit: However... I'm currently in the process of setting up bank funding on my PayPal account, so I would have to wait until that is done. It says it will take three to five days. If this is too long to wait before I could make a payment then I will of course understand
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Denthul, PM me your postal code and i'll get ball park estimate on shipping and let you know. I will remain for sale until I get a commit message back. If you give me a commit I can hang on to it as long as it takes.

ABCboy, yes it does indeed have ACTIVE pups.

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PM has been sent. Is the guitar marked in any way? Scratches etc.? And is everything stock?

Everything is stock as far as I know. I know my guitars and I can say everything looks stock and in great shape. There are a few scratches on the back but more like minor indents/light bucke rash. very very light and nothing through the clear.

No PM recieved yet.

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No PM received? It said it had been sent... 0.o

I'm guessing that's not sold to me then
OH MY....Denthul, I am so very sorry I didn't read well enough above, I thought you were looking at the bass. I have other '51s that I did not plan to sell, but my mistake. sent me an e-mail to coursey24<at>hotmail .com and I'll send you pictures of a few others I have. My sincerest apologies. All others are modded in some way but I will do my best to make you a good deal worthy of shipping if you are still interested.


and still no PM recieved
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Oh, no worries. If you didn't plan on selling them then it's okay - I wouldn't want you to sell anything you want to keep I was just interested in this one because it happened to be up for grabs and I was planning to mod it myself

But thank you very much for the offer - very generous of you
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Again I cannot apologize enough. Even in post #10 above I was describing the bass. the '51 is brand new and I pulled it out of the box just for the pictures. I feel like a total doofus.
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last bump on the bass...OBO or trade offers.
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