My band is finally recording ideas for our first CD, our first song is Knock On Wood. It's about the rhythm guitarist in my band and myself making fake ID's and having a badass night with them. We really would like some criticism on this song! Keep in mind this is just a demo.


click knock on wood. Crit 4 Crit!
Criting as listening. Loving the ontro like the lead bit. Liked how the lyrics came in. Loving how the backing vocals worked (but i am for every1 today lol). Nice all the way through the 3 main bits were good apart from in the 3rd one one where you go "Though he wouldnt date her" dont think it fitted. Thought it could have used a breakdown bit though, a solo or sumthing.

And to what the guy said above i liked the loud highhites thought it gave it more of an edge.

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Thanks guys, yeah this songs still in the making, we're making plans for harmonica in the intro bits, and two different solos toward the end of the song.